60 Sec of Tech Phone Photo Editing

In this episode, we highlight ways to use your phone camera and editing software to take, and make, beautiful images.

60 Sec of Tech Juice

This week we highlight the juice charger. A great option for marketing your business, and a handy tool to have in an emergency.

60 Sec of Tech iPhone 7

In this episode we highlight some of the best features of Apple’s iPhone 7.

60 Sec of Tech PopSockets

This week we highlight PopSockets, a new tool for holding your phone, and an innovative way for you to market your business.

60 Sec of Tech Pokemon Go

This week we highlight the Pokemon Go App and discuss the business opportunities it offers. Thanks to our special guest host, Michael Monks, from the River City News!

60 Sec of Tech Tips for Extending Battery Life

This week we are joined by Michael Monks of the River City News as we share some tips on how to extend your cell phone battery life.

60 Sec of Tech: MileIQ

This week Brent highlights the MileIQ app that detects that you are driving and automatically tracks your vehicle mileage.

60 Sec of Tech CamCard

If you are interested in a tool that can quickly capture the data off of business cards, check out CamCard! This app takes a picture of the business card, and imports it directly into your phone or mobile device, as well as your Outlook contacts. You can also quickly exchange business cards electronically with others that have CamCard.