Employee Spotlight: Dan Rountree

C-Forward is known for our personal, proactive, and reliable approach to service. Our customers trust that their computer networks, cybersecurity needs, disaster recovery needs, etc., are taken care of by people who care about their business. Our company takes pride in our ability to overcome obstacles, troubleshoot problems quickly, and allow our clients to continue doing the work that they do best. Dan Rountree, one of C-Forward’s Network Engineers, is a key part of the operation that keeps our clients happy and their networks secure.

Since the start of his career as an Engineer, Rountree has worked in many areas of technology including disaster recovery solutions, voice & data and enterprise level server, and network and storage infrastructures. Rountree began working at C-Forward in 2016 after hearing great things about the work environment and the people involved from a recruiter. Rountree states that since then, the company has lived up to his expectations and he enjoys being a part of the team. Rountree says, “It is difficult to pinpoint a specific memory or thing at C-Forward that is my favorite. I’ve worked with so many great people over the years and have been involved in lots of interesting activities with clients and in the office.”

Rountree speaks highly of C-Forward and his time spent at the company due to our focus on client retention and client satisfaction. He states, “Our reputation is for providing exceptional service and I definitely think we do a great job here every day. Coming from a customer service background, that is always in the forefront of my mind. I have also been able to expand my skills in networking and security while working here to make sure our clients have the best and most up to date options for their networks.”

As a Network Engineer, Rountree helps troubleshoot and maintain our client’s computer networks to ensure the quality of their systems. On the average day, Rountree spends his time handling general support inquiries, auditing client networks to provide them recommendations for improvement, and ensuring their technology meets their requirements. He states, “Feedback is always positive from clients so I would say the impression is great. Many clients also refer us to others that need IT help.”

Brent Cooper, founder of C-Forward states, “Dan brings a thoughtful and caring approach to everything he does. His expertise and experience have made him one of our most valued employees. While he’s certainly tenacious in getting issues resolved, he’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. We are blessed to have him on our team.”

In his spare time, Rountree tends to a small farm, plays with his 3 dogs, and enjoys traveling from time to time. He says that working at C-Forward has made being able to do the things he enjoys much easier and that, “the flexibility in remote work and schedule is the most important aspect for me.” Dan Rountree has done an incredible job as a Network Engineer and we are grateful for all of his hard work and dedication to our team!