Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups have become a mundane part of life. Our phones backup on their own. Our email is backed up without us knowing it. We store files in the cloud and on our computers, creating a backup. For home use, these limited backups meet the need. However, for businesses truly robust backups are more important now than ever. With data spread across multiple locations and different environments, knowing what needs to be backed up and how to accomplish it can be a challenge. Here are just a few of the things that need more than a basic backup:

How backups are handled is just as important as what is backed up. Years of experience have cultivated an environment at C-Forward that takes a holistic approach to the management and maintenance of backups. In the event a restore is needed, we want to be certain that it will work. With that in mind, we do the following:

Recovering from a disaster can be a stressful and time-consuming process. We strive to minimize both and our team will work with you to determine what will be needed to meet your recovery time table.