Employee Spotlight: Alex Fitzer

As cybersecurity threats increase across the country, it is our employees’ job to provide quality and reliable work for our clients in a timely manner to get their businesses back to running smoothly as quickly as possible. Our customers trust that their computer networks, cybersecurity needs, disaster recovery needs, etc., are taken care of by people who care about their business. Alex Fitzer, one of C-Forward’s network engineers, works diligently every day to make the promise of security a reality.

Fitzer joined the C-Forward team in 2021 and attended college at the University of Louisville then made his way north to attend Northern Kentucky University where he achieved a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Technology focusing on IT Security and cloud computing. After working in the field for 11 years, Fitzer acknowledges that cybersecurity has become a lifelong passion and while working at C-Forward he has, “been able to add to my knowledge base and become a more well-rounded Engineer.”

As a Network Engineer, Fitzer helps troubleshoot and maintain our client’s computer networks to ensure the quality of their systems. On the day to day, Fitzer spends his time answering service requests on a wide variety of issues over the phone and in person. He also audits client networks to provide them recommendations for improvement, and ensures their technology meets their requirements. Fitzer states, “I think C-Forward leaves a positive impression on its customers…I think I’m most proud of our quality of work that we do here because there are so many other companies that ignore the customer and we don’t.”

Fitzer enjoys working at C-Forward as he has worked for larger companies before and prefers working at a smaller company that gives attention to their clients. He states, “I enjoy the relaxed nature of the company, it allows us to be able to really think and add to our knowledge base.” Fitzer also has a love for the holidays and events hosted by C-Forward for their employees year round to thank them for their hard work, He states, “ The events are fun and it’s nice to see people you work with day in and day out. I really enjoy the Christmas/Holiday event each year.”

Brian Ruschman, President of C-Forward states, “Alex has been an integral part of the C-Forward team for nearly three years now. Alex receives positive feedback from both clients and co-workers regarding his expertise and willingness to help! We are happy to have Alex on the C-Forward team!”

When Fitzer is not in the office, he enjoys doing a variety of activities including spending time with his kids, collecting vintage media, and traveling to explore other countries. Alex Fitzer has done an incredible job as a Network Engineer and we are grateful for all of his hard work and dedication to our team!