Employee Spotlight: Justin Leatherman

When a cybersecurity attacks a business, our staff understands how stressful it can be trying to patch the problem. Many cybersecurity attacks happen quickly and need an urgent response to minimize the damage done to a company and their employees’ personal information. At C-Forward, Justin Leatherman, one of our team’s Service Response Technicians, works diligently every day to ensure our clients’ issues get taken care of and resolve any issues our clients are facing.

Leatherman joined C-Forward in 2022 after graduating from Bible College in Florida and has been an employee at C-Forward for over a year and a half. Before cybersecurity, Leatherman worked in customer service and did not have much background knowledge on cybersecurity but knew that he enjoyed helping clients resolve issues. However, this lack of background did not keep him from quickly learning from his peers on the job once he began. Leatherman states, “I feel I have learned so much since starting this position. Coming in here with very little knowledge of IT, I have been able to learn so much on the job and talking with our Technicians.” 

On the day-to-day, Leatherman spends his time at work making phone calls to provide technical support to clients in addition to working with his team members to schedule them with clients who need their help. Leatherman states, “My favorite parts of working here are my co-workers and the culture. Everyone is very helpful and friendly and wants to see you do your best and succeed. I also enjoy providing technical support to our users.”

Leatherman speaks highly of the company he works for stating,” I think C-Forward leaves a very good impression on our customers. We answer the phones in a very timely manner and are quick to respond to any issues they may be facing. We are always striving to give our clients the best service possible, and I think it shows. Also, they really care for and treat their employees well, and want to see us improve and succeed at our jobs.” 

Outside of C-Forward, you can find Leatherman spending time with his wife and his daughter, going to parks, camping, and going on hikes in the area. He states, “One of our favorite destinations [for hiking]  is the Red River Gorge, we try to go down there a few times a year.” 

Justin Leatherman has done an incredible job as a Service Response Technician and we are grateful for all of his hard work and dedication to our team!