60 sec of Tech: Juice Pack

Our Sales Manager Brian Ruschman gives us an overview of his battery pack iPhone case.

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60 sec of Tech: Hashtag

This week Jeremy explains what a #hashtag is. #60SOT


60 sec of Tech: Video Cables

Video cables can be confusing. John one of our techs explains the difference between 3 of the most common.


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60 Sec of Tech: Road Warrior

Brent Shows us a few things he takes with him on the road to get things done.

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60 sec of tech: Apple TV

Our Newest Tech Robert discusses Apple TV.

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60 sec of tech: Waze app

This week we check out a turn by turn direction app that uses crowd sourcing to get you where you are going fast.

60 Sec of Tech Episode 5: Online Storage

Listen in as our Vice President Scott Johnson give some highlights of 3 different online storage options.

60 Sec of Tech Episode 4: Roku

Network Technician Don Dodson explains the TV streaming device Roku.

60 Sec of Tech Episode 3: Office 365 app

Sales Manager, Brian Ruschman, steps up to the plate to show off the new Microsoft Office 365 app for iPhone. With this app, you will be able to work on documents on the go – even at the ball park!

60 Sec of Tech Episode 2: Zero Lemon Battery

Tired of recharging your Android battery? Mike Grout, Technical Services Manager, shares his discovery of a battery, made by zero lemon, that makes your Android smart phone last for days!