Walker – our “home-grown” C-Forward tech

As an IT company, C-Forward staff prides ourselves on our employee’s abilities to do quality and reliable work for our clients. Susan Walker, one of our Network Engineers, has been doing just that. Walker began at C-Forward almost 15 years ago as a Network Technician and has now grown into a Network Engineer. Over the years, Walker has achieved her A+ as well as other manufacturer certifications. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Small Business Specialist, an expert in Windows Servers, and pretty much anything that touches a small business network!

On the day to day, Walker focuses on providing creative solutions to make a client’s job easier in a secure manner. She provides day to day support for any requests related to servers, workstations, network devices, mobile devices and applications/software. However, she says her favorite part about the job is her team. She states, “We have an amazing team. We have just about every skill set available amongst our team and we work with one another as a team very well. All for one and one for all. We also have the best clients and it is my pleasure to help them succeed every day.”

Walker is very proud and thankful to work at C-Forward for as long as she has. She says, “I am so proud to say that I work for C-Forward because I know what an impact our company has on our community. We are very involved in helping those that are in need in our surrounding areas. I am also thankful that Brent Cooper and Scott Johnson took a chance on me.  I had very little experience outside of deskside support when I started working for C-Forward but they hired me anyway.  The management team encouraged me to get certifications and they helped me to set goals based on that.  I am not sure that I would have had the same opportunities that I have been blessed with if C-Forward did not hire me anyway and teach me most of what I know.”

Outside of C-Forward, Walker is what she calls a, “crafter.” She says, “I love all crafts and try my hand at most of them. Art was my favorite and most memorable class in school. The first time that I took a laptop apart and put it back together again and it worked, it gave me that same feeling of when I finish a painting or create a book or sew a dress and that was when I knew that IT was a pretty good fit for me. I could knit 100 scarves or take apart a lamp and polish the pieces and put it back together again and not blink an eye. These are hours well spent in my book.”

Susan Walker has been an incredible addition to the C-Forward team since she started and we are excited to see what amazing things she does in the future.