Trailblazing in the Community

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To continue to provide their incomparable services to youth and adults, Scouting in Northern Kentucky honors an individual every year with the Trailblazer Award. This year,  Brent Cooper, President of C-Forward, Inc. in Covington, KY, receives this prestigious award from Helen Carroll, Manager of Community Relations forToyota. Through his leadership with Northern Kentucky Education Council, Covington Partners, the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, and many other organizations, he has worked to build communities and improve the lives of citizens in Northern Kentucky. These are the type of attributes that align with Scouting’s efforts to build the future leaders of these same communities.


The Boy Scouts of America is a youth development organization that’s designed to prepare young people to make ethical and moral decisions throughout their lifetimes.  The goals of Scouting consist of citizenship training, character development, and personal fitness. Throughout the Boy Scout program, young people are encouraged to advance through ranks by fulfilling requirements in the areas of leadership, service and outdoor skills. To learn more about Scouting and the Dan Beard Council, please call (513) 577-7700, or visit