Technical Services Supervisor

Todd Rohrer was promoted to Supervisor in 2021 after joining C-Forward in 2019. He started at the University of Cincinnati in Electrical Engineering, but after a few years he decided to move into IT when he heard about a new technology called Cloud Computing. He acquired an Associate’s degree from Cincinnati State before changing over to Xavier University for a Liberal Arts degree. With his degree, Todd began his career in IT and has accumulated over 20 years of technical experience.

During college he worked for a small business where he was promoted to the Director of IT. After 7 years with a company of 30 users, it was acquired by a medium size company of 1,500 users. Three years later, that company was acquired by a large 150,000 user company with offices in 28 countries. These acquisitions have provided Todd with experience ranging from small businesses to large multi-national enterprise networks.

His hobbies include: working on his car, playing musical instruments, skiing, kayaking, hanging out with friends. He also volunteers at the Newport Aquarium as part of their Scuba Dive Crew. Check out Todd on the Aquarium’s social media site while he’s swimming with the sharks.

He lives in the Kenwood area with his rescue dog named Todd. *Yes, the dog’s name was Todd when Todd adopted him. “Todd the Tech” was also adopted and they both have red hair, hence, a match made in heaven.