Silver Champions C-Forward’s Commitment to Quality Service

Dale SilverC-Forward’s tagline is “Personal, Proactive & Reliable” and has been the basis for building the company over the years. By taking the time to know our clients, we are able to build great, long lasting connections with them that helps our businesses grow together. Nobody embodies this tagline better than our Vice President Client Services, Dale Silver. Silver has been with C-Forward for around ten years, starting as a Client Services Manager and being promoted to Vice President Client Services in 2017.

Silver says that her motto is to, “make clients happy.” She states, “I love visiting and interacting with clients to ensure we are providing outstanding client service. We have quality clients who rely on C-Forward and our technicians to protect their IT environment.”

Silver does a little bit of everything at C-Forward, “My daily work schedule varies tremendously – reviewing/renewing contracts with clients, communicating about issues – especially being the go-to person that handles any difficult situations that arise with a client. I receive calls from techs needing assistance resolving non-technical issues on tickets. Managing day-to-day customer service operations ( Dispatch, Service Response Team and Billing/Accounting) as each area has their own unique challenges.”

When she is not working with clients, Silver works diligently to communicate client’s needs with the rest of the management team. She says, “I work with our President (Brian Ruschman) on new contracts to develop a strategy to handle a prospect’s particular need. Based on the interactions and feedback I have from clients, departments or supervisors, our Sr. V.P. (Mike Grout) and I work together to improve efficiencies within the company while also coordinating internal projects when instituting major changes affecting clients.”

In addition, Silver is also responsible for coordinating the marketing efforts, including the website, branding materials and philanthropic endeavors. Silver says, “C-Forward has always been generous to our community non-profits and educational organizations.

Silver speaks highly of C-Forward and believes that the company culture is what makes it such a great place to work. She says, “Brent Cooper developed a company culture of fostering a team approach when making decisions. He strove to consider all aspects of a situation and make decisions that were best for employees and best for clients. He then gave the Leadership Team the ability and freedom to continue that legacy.”

Dale Silver is an integral part of the C-Forward team and we cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in the future at C-Forward.