Top 3 Reasons To Be Thankful For IT

November is here and Thanksgiving is around the corner and that is the perfect time to reflect and be thankful for how IT Services keep a sound foundation for business operations.

Top-of-the-line cyber security

2018 was yet another banner year for cyber criminals, with multiple high-profile data breaches grabbing headlines and striking fear into the hearts of corporations across the globe. This year, it was ransomware that turned heads and garnered the most attention from the cyber security community – but rest assured data thieves are constantly working on the next big bad malware strain.

With more complex networks, more devices connecting to those networks and more points of vulnerability to account for, IT teams will have their hands full staving off attacks in 2019. A recent McAfee study predicts that cyber criminals and security professionals will be locked into an arms race of sorts over the course of the next year, each side devising new tools to counter the other’s strategies.

A reliable IT Services provider can offer a level of cyber security sophistication that’s otherwise not achievable internally for small and even medium-sized businesses. If you want to keep your assets protected all year long, a third-party partner may be your best bet.

Consistent patch management

One of the pillars of a sound cyber security posture is reliable patch management. Cyber criminals look for vulnerabilities they can exploit to breach networks and systems, and those often manifest as unpatched software issues. An IT service provider can prevent such intrusions by consistently checking for the latest updates to your assets and installing patches as they’re released.

Patch management isn’t exclusively a cyber security concern, either. Unpatched software issues affect the performance of your most critical applications, platforms and systems. To keep your business humming along at 100-percent capacity, a steadfast patch management strategy is key.



If there’s a problem with your IT infrastructure and assets, it needs to be addressed immediately. Unchecked IT issues can escalate quickly, impacting network and application functionality, and impeding business operations. Our technicians are available by phone, fax, e-mail, and via this web site. C-Forward, Inc also offers remote monitoring of your network via the Internet. We believe our customer support system is one of the main reasons our clients choose us as their IT solutions company. We provide fast, reliable response to all of our clients; those who require an immediate response will have services provided within the same day.