Jamie Liles: Keeping C-Forward Moving Forward

When dealing with cybersecurity issues for our clients, one of the most crucial components is time. Clients want to be ensured that their threat is taken seriously in a timely and efficient manner in order to minimize the damage. Jamie Liles, our Scheduling Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, is the reason that we are able to fulfill that promise to our clients. Before working at C-Forward, Liles spent 10 years working as a 911 dispatcher for Kenton County, Kentucky. This knowledge has proven beneficial in allowing her to effectively work with assigning client issues to technicians thus coordinating the resolution of technology issues that are encountered on a regular basis. Liles has also been able to create a better dispatching system within the company due to her experience and has increased work efficiency for our customers. This allows us to provide the improved personal, proactive and reliable customer service we strive for.
On an average day, Liles spends her time prioritizing, assigning and dispatching tickets to network engineers to handle the needs of our clients. She works to ensure network engineers schedules are kept on track and assists with any issues that arise for the day to find the best resolution for our clients. Liles states, “Our employees are a team that takes pride in our work and community. Always striving to be helpful and make a positive impact on our clients and community.” Liles is also in charge of coordinating the company website and planning company events.
Liles states that one of her favorite things about working at C-Forward is the flexibility. She says, “C-Forward is always willing to work with employees when personal issues arise. We were able to make a smooth transition to work from home when COVID hit, which caused an increase in our client’s needs, and we were able to continue to provide them with excellent customer service.” Another highlight for her was the chance to go to the Women’s Initiative Breakfast hosted by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce as it gave her the opportunity to speak with other inspirational women and learn from each other’s stories of success.
Jamie Liles has been an incredible addition to the C-Forward team since she started, and we are excited to see what amazing things she does in the future.