Employee Spotlight: Ben Virost

As an IT company, C-Forward prides itself on our employee’s abilities to do quality and reliable work for our clients. Ben Virost, one of our Technical Services Supervisors, embodies our mission to do just that every day in the office through his team management, knowledge of cybersecurity, and overall quality work ethic. As C-Forward’s longest tenured employee, Virost began his 17 year old journey at the company after graduating from Northern Kentucky University. Virost said, “I was extremely fortunate to happen upon the job listing at NKU as I was approaching my final semester. Brent decided to take a chance on me.” 

Virost started as a network technician in 2006 before working his way up to Technical Services Supervisor in 2014. On the day to day, Virost plans, directs, and supervises our operations at C-Forward, helping with technical repairs clients might be facing and operational support. Virost also manages his own team of technicians at C-Forward that work to support our clients. He and his team make it possible for our clients to have the best quality service. Virost says, “I think C-Forward leaves a great impression through our personal service.” 

Virost has enjoyed working at C-Forward over the years, stating that he likes the challenges of solving issues for clients and being able to respond in a timely manner to problems with their networks. He says, “I like that we’re an MSP [managed service provider] as you get to see something new every day.” Virost also adds that he likes the culture of the company and our willingness to give back to our community through donations, sponsorships, and fundraising saying, “It makes me proud that we make so many philanthropic efforts with numerous non-profits around the community.”

Brent Cooper, C-Forward’s owner and founder, said of Virost, “It has been a wonderful experience to watch Ben go from a co-op just starting out his career, to now one of our Supervisors. He is a hard working, dedicated, and caring person who always strives to leave things better than he found them. We are so lucky to have him at C-Forward. ”

Outside of C-Forward, Virost likes to stay active by being out in the sun playing ultimate frisbee or in the cold playing broomball, a sport similar to ice hockey. The C-Forward team admires Virost and his ability to be a team player both at work and at play. Ben Virost has been an incredible addition to the C-Forward team since he started almost two decades ago and we are excited to see what amazing things he accomplishes in the future.