Dale Silver

Dale Silver

Our very own Dale Silver has been announced as the 2016 Rosie Reds’ President!

The Rosie Reds organization is a philanthropic and social organization focused on supporting the Cincinnati Reds.  The organization was formed in 1964 when there was a danger of the National League franchise being taken out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Rosie is an acronym for Rooters Organized to Stimulate Interest and Enthusiasm in the Cincinnati Reds.

The organization is 3,000 members strong.  The Rosie Reds Philanthropic Fund is supported by dues, fundraising events and donations.  The Rosie Reds award annual endowments of $3,000 each to nine area college baseball programs and $4,000 to the Powell Crosley Jr Kid Glove Organization.

When Brent Cooper, C-Forward’s President was asked about Dale’s newest role, he responded, “Everyone at C-Forward is VERY proud of Dale and her ongoing commitment to the community.  I’ve never met a more passionate business leader, or a bigger Reds fan!  She is going to do a wonderful job for the Rosie Reds!”

The 2016 Executive Board members are:  Dale J. Silver, President (C-Forward), Valerie Guthrie, Vice President (P&G), Noel Ripley (Ultimate Air Shuttle), Ceil Vogler Treasurer, (Marritt-Vogler Group).