Cryptolocker Virus Warning

We have seen a significant increase in a virus, known as Cryptolocker, infecting computers everywhere.  Read below to learn how to keep your company safe.

What you need to KNOW about Cryptolocker

  • CryptoLocker is a type of virus that finds certain types of frequently used files such as Word, Excel and Adobe documents and encrypts them so they cannot be opened. The virus holds your data at ransom and usually demands between $100-500 to decrypt your data
  • Paying the ransom does not guarantee the return of your data and is not recommended as you would be supplying financial info to a criminal organization
  • Most of the time this type of virus will be in an email attachment that is a ZIP file or an Adobe PDF document and when you open it, it will not appear to do anything but does in fact infect the system

What you need to DO to help protect against  Cryptolocker

  • As always, never open any email attachments or click any links in emails that you were not expecting – even if they’re from someone you normally communicate with, as their PC could be infected and sending out infected emails without their knowledge
  • Make sure your antivirus and antimalware software is up to date and working. If you do not have a centrally-managed antivirus and antimalware solution in place at your business, contact C-Forward ASAP and we would be glad to implement one for you. Having a centrally-managed solution is critical to preventing and resolving infections like CryptoLocker on a large network
  • A reliable data backup and retention solution,  like ones offered by C-Forward,  are critical to minimizing the impact of these kinds of outbreaks.

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