C-Forward’s Headquarters change colors

C-Forward's "New Look" almost complete

The metamorphis of C-Forward’s building is almost done.  Having a painter staring in your window on the 3rd floor can be startling!  Now they are almost done painting the ground floor so the danger of their ladders coming thru the plate glass windows is abating.  We are very excited!


“Blue Headquarters” changes to Tan


The contest is over, decision was made.  C-Forward Headquarters is changing from “the Blue Building on the Corner” to Tan.   We love it.  There are a lot more improvements to come as the painters work their way around from the back of the building to the front on Madison Avenue.  Contrasting accents on the facade, awning over the doors, etc.

Hopefully, everyone likes the new color but………more importantly, will still call us when you need Super Techs to solve your technology problems!