C-Forward is Growing… Again.

Ask Brent Cooper, CEO and founder of C-Forward Information Technologies, about the challenges of growing during an economic downturn, and he will tell you that in order to succeed and grow C-Forward’s business, his staff must focus on being as personal, proactive and reliable as possible:

  1. Being knowledgeable, friendly and caring for our Customers
  2. Getting to know  our Customers and continuously  provide services and solutions that help them succeed
  3. Always being more than fair in all that we do, and
  4. Being as efficient and proactive as possible .

C-Forward is achieving its mission: “To provide quality, cost effective, and innovative Information Technology Services that help our customers, employees, and company succeed.”

C-Forward has been providing information and technology consulting services to small & mid-sized businesses and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio areas since 2000.  Starting with two employees, C-Forward now employs over 30 full-time technical and managerial network, help desk, technical services, sales and customer service experts.

 “Our number one product is our employees,” explains Brent. “ The top reason we continue to grow and be successful is this:  We hire and retain really good people, continuously train them, and provide them with excellent benefits that keep them healthy and productive.   As a result of our efforts, we finished 2011 with a 95% employee retention rate over a three year period (2009-2011)!   Our customers find our technicians to be personal, proactive, and reliable, which is the key to our long term success.”

In addition to personnel, C-Forward continues to heavily invest in systems and procedures that make their staff as productive and efficient as possible.  C-Forward has invested significantly in hardware and software that automates services, provides new state of the art disaster recovery solutions, and combines ticketing, sales and accounting.

Our efforts thus far have clearly translated into higher revenues for our business.   In a down economy, C-Forward grew over 16% in 2010 and over 32% in 2011.

This combination of technologies will continue to spur our growth in the future, while at the same time make us extremely efficient,” explains Scott Johnson, C-Forward’s Vice President, and Brent’s first employee 12 years ago.  “For example, when a customer’s server runs low on disk space, the software monitoring the system will automatically create a ticket, alert the technician on his/her mobile device, automatically notify the customer via e-mail, and schedule a supervisor for a follow up call to ensure the issue is resolved in a timely fashion.   For the first time, our customers can go online, securely login to our system from any device, and run detailed reports on how we are spending time and utilizing resources.”

“We also dramatically streamlined our quote system to provide faster and more detailed pricing options for our customers,” explains Sales Manager, Brian Ruschman.  “This quote system acquires real-time pricing from all our vendors and distributors to ensure we are getting the best prices possible.”