C-Forward Cincinnati’s 10 IT Tech Firms to Watch in 2017

C-Forward was named one of Greater Cincinnati’s Top 10 IT Tech Firms to watch in 2017 by LEAD Magazine.  Click here for the full story.


C-Forward Information Technologies
Brent Cooper, President and Owner

Due to the increasing rise of cyberattacks, C-Forward is looking ahead to NEXT-GEN products and services designed to help businesses better protect themselves. Security solutions that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time evaluation of applications and automatically quarantine malicious code are in the works. The potential for this kind of advancement will be a giant leap forward for cyber security.

“Cyberattacks have reached epidemic proportions,” says Brent Cooper. “At C-Forward, we take a multi-pronged approach because, unfortunately, there is no single solution. The big NEXT-GEN for us – which doesn’t sound very flashy but will make a big difference and help a lot of people – is anti-spam filtering technology. That’s an exciting development for us. New anti-spam solutions that automatically convert attachments to PDFs or monitor attachments in a sandbox area to confirm they are safe before sending are on the horizon, as are a variety of new firewalls that can provide cached web browsing and enhanced security services.”

New disaster recovery solutions that enable real-time testing and quick restores for the mobile workforce are also exciting developments, Cooper adds. New mobile solutions that automatically configure new devices, provide security updates, and enhance the mobile experience are right around the corner.