Businesses need more than just Anti-Virus software for security

C-Forward has been advising customers for years that they need more than just Anti-Virus software to protect their computer networks. Good security involves a combination of protections including secure firewalls, security logging and alerts, regular security software updates, anti-malware software, anti-spam solutions, and disaster recovery tools. Regular services should be performed including active monitoring and review of security logs, security training for employees, network performance baselines, documentation updates and disaster recovery testing (fire drills).

This past year C-Forward began implementing additional authentication tools such as “Phone Factor” and “AuthAnvil” for our customers. These tools are critical for remote access solutions and we strongly recommend they be a part of your overall security plan.

The reported infiltration attempt at the New York Times (see links below) is an example of why these types of security tools and services are so important.

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