Brian Ruschman: 10 Years of Greatness

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Brian Ruschman, Sales Manager, started with C-Forward just ten years ago, on March 13th, 2006. Over the years, he has been a leading role in not only the success of our team, but the voice to ensure the companies we support are led in the right direction on a daily basis. He consistently goes above and beyond to make certain the companies we support are equipped with the technology they need to succeed.

Over the years, he has cherished the people he has had the opportunity to work with, the projects he has been involved with, and ultimately, the chance to have a career he can truly be excited about.

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“The biggest change while working at C-Forward has to be the growth of the work force! There were single-digit employees when I started here and now there are 30! I have also had two drastically different jobs since I started. I began as a technician and transitioned onto the sales side 6 years ago. I never thought sales would be something that I would do, but it has worked out and I really enjoy it.

I have so many fond memories! The ones that stick out involve large projects that we have had in the past where nearly every employee was involved working off hours to help a client complete an upgrade in a short amount of time. Everyone at C-Forward is willing to help their co-workers and work as a team!

My favorite thing about working at C-Forward is that I like getting up each day and going to work! Enjoying what you do for eight hours each day and having a desire to improve the lives of others is key to living the dream! I get to enlighten others on new technologies so they can do their job more efficiently; creating a better work experience!


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