Ben Virost: 10 Years Later

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Ben Virost, Team Lead, started with C-Forward just over ten years ago. He has been a key part to the success not only to our organization as well as the success of the companies we support on a daily basis.

The time Ben has spent here has given him the chance to see the company develop. He has shared some long (but fun) hours with his fellow employees, which gave him the opportunity to form close, cherished relationships with them.

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“In my 10 years with C-Forward, there have been some impressive changes. We have moved from a 10 employee “break/fix” company to a 29 employee consulting firm. We are no longer who you call just when your computer is acting up, we’re who you call when you are looking for new technology to prepare your business for growth.  We are who you call for budgetary meetings so we can help you plan for future IT expenses. We are who you call when IT happens.

My fondest memories during my career here would be the opportunity I have had to work on the group projects for after-hours/weekends. I do not believe anyone enjoys working during your off time, but the people around me at those times have always made it much more enjoyable than you would expect.

I enjoy working at C-Forward because it’s a collection of people like seeing five days a week. We aim to hire people that can help you with your IT needs, but can also go out with afterwards and relax.”