Network Engineer

Brian Andersen became a member of the C-Forward team as a Network Engineer in 2022. Being proud of his Danish heritage, he describes his name as: I’m Brian with an I and Andersen with an E, with added emphasis from his grandpa “it’s Andersen with an “E”, we aren’t Swedes dammit”. He was born in California but lived in the Cincinnati area most of his adult life. He attended Miami University and has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry supporting various companies ranging from local startups to international corporations, much of that focused in the healthcare field. C-Forward is the first (and hopefully only) Managed Services Provider where he has worked.

His wife is Tricia and has two young adult daughters, Emily and Kelsey. They have a black lab mix named Rue. Brian’s hobbies and interests include listening to music, playing guitar, geocaching, local history, and obscure US presidents and pretty much any odd history. You will always find him reading some kind of history book. In addition, he is currently studying Spanish with the goal of one day retiring to Puerto Vallarta with his wife.