Network Engineer

Alex Fitzer joined C-Forward in 2021 as a Network Engineer adding to our growing list of technical experts. He attended college at the University of Louisville then made his way north to attend Northern Kentucky University where he achieved a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Technology focusing on IT Security and cloud computing.

Working in the field of IT for over 11 years it has become a lifetime passion. His experience is varied including the life and times in small companies where he was the sole technological resource manager all the way to huge corporations with locations around the globe. He missed the feel of a smaller company so was happily welcomed at C-Forward.

Alex has lived in Kentucky all his life and became a statewide legend as champion bowler in high school. He’s also became an ESPN star when he shot a live basketball video at NKU that was featured on the station.

His interests are varied – collecting vintage media and technology, following Cincinnati sports and exploring the country of Japan.