Categories: Technical Services

    Susan Walker

    Network Engineer

    Susan Walker is a Network Engineer and a valuable asset of C-Forward.  She is the go-to…

    Randy Hamlin

    Network Technician

    Randy Hamlin is a Network Technicians with more than 20 years in the computer industry.…

    Mike Francis

    Project Lead

    Mike Francis joined C-Forward as a Network Technician.  He was promoted to Project Lead…

    Matt Rayburn

    Network Engineer

    Matthew Rayburn is a Network Engineer with over nine years of experience in the IT indu…

    Joe Madden

    Network Technician

    Joe Madden is a skilled Network Technician, bringing over 6 years of experience in Info…

    Jason Strange

    Network Technician

    Jason Strange has worked 10 years in the IT industry with an Associate’s Degree in Comp…

    Herb Schaffner

    Network Engineer

    Herb Schaffner is a Network Engineer and has been in the I.T. field for 22 years, holdi…

    Dan Rountree

    Network Engineer

    Dan began his career in 2006 consulting for several small organizations. In 2011, he jo…

    Chad Hall

    Centralized Services Technician

    Chad is part of the Centralized Services Team as a Network Technician with over 7 years…

    Alex Poston

    Help Desk Technician

    Alex Poston is a help desk technician at C-Forward.

    Patrick Bitters

    Centralized Services Supervisor

    Patrick Bitters was promoted to Centralized Services Supervisor in 2017 having been wit…

    Bryan Cobb

    vCIO/Project Lead

    Bryan Cobb was promoted to vCIO/Project Lead after he joined Network Engineer for C-For…